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            Personal Care

            An increasingly dynamic and image-driven end market, Personal Care is arguably the segment where appealing aesthetic packaging is most important to drawing a consumer’s attention, differentiating your product and driving point-of-sale purchases.? That said, high quality and superior functionality in terms of dispersion rate and pattern remain absolutely critical to the post-purchase consumer experience.

            Precision Global is uniquely equipped to help customers by offering leading technical expertise derived over roughly 65 years alongside dedicated product development and innovation teams.? We collaborate with customers to select and supply the optimal components to drive both form and functionality, be it from our extensive range of stock aerosol and dispensing solutions or more bespoke, custom development of innovative new products.

            Representative Products:

            • Anti-Perspirant Sprays
            • Body Sprays
            • Deodorant Sprays
            • Depilatory Products
            • Foams
            • Hair Mousses
            • Haircare Sprays
            • “Dry” Haircare Shampoos & Treatments
            • Liquid Soaps
            • Perfumes
            • Shave Gels
            • Shaving Foams
            • Shower Gels
            • Skin Lotions
            • Suncare Products

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