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            A more recent adopter of aerosol and related dispensing solutions, the Food segment combines many of the difficult manufacturing process and environment requirements of Pharmaceutical with the desire to differentiate product offerings through the exciting and appealing aesthetical designs seen in Personal Care and Home Care.? Aerosol-based solutions like cooking sprays and whipped cream offer valued lengthened shelf-life along with enhanced ease of use compared to alternatives.

            Precision Global’s unique manufacturing and new product design & development capabilities enable us to appropriately address important food safety requirements while also offering products that meet consumer needs for enhanced speed and convenience.? Further, while our extensive stock collection of colors and shapes make for a quick, yet still differentiated product, we’re equally happy to work with you to design a custom solution from scratch.

            Representative Products:

            • Cheese
            • Cooking Sprays
            • Cake Icing
            • Whipped Cream

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