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            Product Development

            Efficient and effective product development is one of Precision Global’s core competencies.? Our product development team is highly skilled in anticipating and analyzing market trends in aid of developing and customizing products to meet your high standards, fulfill your customers’ needs, and drive your success.

            Your focus is our focus. ?Our award-winning design teams, leading technical expertise, and flexible production environment enables rapid and continuous innovation that will help differentiate your brand in terms of both form and function.

            On a global basis, our product development team provides:

            Creative Design

            Our design teams consistently deliver fresh and exciting products that draw consumer attention and help drives sales at the point-of-purchase.? Our rigorous design process takes into account engineering requirements, raw material selection, performance requirements, and eye-catching aesthetics, to create highly functional and attractive products.? Extensive and expedited modeling, prototyping, simulation, and testing help ensure the highest product quality and the achievement of exacting specifications.

            creative product development

            Manufacturing Technology

            From metal forming and advanced injection molding capabilities to extrusion and high speed assembly, we operate a vertically integrated, highly efficient manufacturing process, utilizing state-of-the-art equipment and best in class lean manufacturing processes.

            Learn more about our Manufacturing Technology


            Our global technical development laboratories and large team of technical field representatives are instrumental in supporting the product development process.? Talented aerosol chemists and laboratory technicians help ensure safe and functional interaction of substrate and molded components through a variety of rigorous testing processes that address compatibility, dispensing performance, and production filling, among other critical areas.


            Market Analysis

            Our consumer-focused marketing team utilizes both primary and secondary research to develop cutting edge insights regarding consumer preferences and tendencies.? Our team is also highly experienced in working hand-in-hand with our customers’ internal marketing teams.? We’re looking forward to working with you to leverage our collective insights to enhance shelf appeal and drive product sales.

            Intellectual Property Threats

            The potential for patent infringement and illegal production and sale of valued dispensing products is incessant.? Our expert intellectual property (“IP”) legal team is highly qualified and eager to help you structure custom product IP to prevent these issues and protect your product from imitators.

            Account Organization

            Our detailed account tracking processes enable meticulous focus on, and continuous support for, your account throughout the global Precision organization, from sales to logistics to senior management.