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            Precision Global believes innovation is essential to both grow our own business as well as the businesses of our customers.? We have consistently been recognized for our relentless focus on and demonstrated success in designing and developing innovative, valued-added products that solve consumer pain points and dramatically enhance the product usage experience.? Our prioritization of continuous innovation as one of our core values has helped us create products offering the ideal spray patterns, textures, and rates that consumers have come to expect while also delivering attractive and ergonomically advanced designs.? These differentiating performance and aesthetic characteristics have helped our customers effectively distinguish their products in an ever-crowded marketplace.

            With two dedicated design Centers of Excellence in Argentina and Germany and roughly 200 employees working globally in technical and product development roles, we are well-positioned to continue to drive game-changing innovation in the aerosol-based and broader dispensing solutions industry.? These globally dispersed Centers of Excellence and our large support team help ensure speed to market is accelerated to the greatest extent possible.? Further, our comprehensive approach to innovation considers not only the needs of our valued customers, but also end consumers, and marries this intersection with our leading technical capabilities and our constant focus on sustainability, yet another of our core values.

            Learn more about our Mission & Values, including Sustainability and Innovation

            Our success in fostering industry-leading innovation begins with our disciplined stage gate process developed and refined over the course of six decades since our founding in 1949.? The beginning of our innovation funnel is broad and encompasses not only the creative thinking of our own staff, but also thoughtful and protected contributions from customers, suppliers, and independent inventors, among other parties.

            If you are an inventor or have an innovative new idea you’d like to explore with us, please contact?us.? We look forward to hearing from you.

            Starting down a path of rigorous and highly structured evaluation, we systemically narrow the funnel of ideas through a number of results-based, “go” or “no-go” decision points or gates.? Following each stage, the decision is made to either proceed to the next stage, go back to a previous stage and reassess or stop entirely.? This recurring, step-based evaluation process helps us ensure valuable time and money are being invested wisely and optimizes the likelihood of ultimate success.

            An illustrative summary of Precision Global’s stage gate innovation process:

            Our Innovation Process