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            For over 70 years, Precision Global has defined the future of the dispensing industry through our steadfast commitment to high quality, innovation and outstanding customer service.

            Here are just a few of the highlights from our past:

            1949?–?Company founder Robert Abplanalp files the first aerosol valve patent and Precision Global begins mass production of aerosol valves

            1953 – USPTO issues the first Precision Global aerosol valve patent

            1958 – Precision Global develops the first “under the cup” filling machine, replacing the inefficient and costly cold-filling method

            1960 – Precision Global develops the first valve that can be pressure-filled with the button on; prior to this development, buttons had been applied to the valve after filling

            1977 – Precision develops the “Total Release” actuator; today, the “Total Release” is the industry standard

            1980-1990s – Over the next two decades, Precision Global continues to create innovative new valve designs, including the 360 degree valve and Super 90 valve, a fast gassing valve

            2007-2009 – Precision Global establishes a new facility in Thailand, invests in a new facility in France and expands the facility in Germany to meet the growing global needs of our CPG customers

            2009-2010 – Precision Global relocates North American manufacturing from Yonkers, NY and Canada to Greenville, South Carolina, taking advantage of rich engineering talent in the local community

            2012 – Precision Global works with a leading pharmaceutical company to develop a specialty valve for an innovative delivery system, ultimately receiving FDA approval in 2013

            2014 – Precision Global opens a state-of-the-art US Federal Standard 209E Class 100,000 clean room at the Greenville, South Carolina manufacturing facility

            2015 – Precision Global receives 2015 Quality Excellence Supplier Award from leading multinational consumer packaged goods company SC Johnson

            2015 – Precision Global receives 2015 innovation award from the Thai Aerosol Association for the P5 Pump

            2015 – Peak Rock Capital acquires Precision

            2016 – Precision acquires Ralpet Plastic in Australia

            2017 – New Global Organization by Area and HQ in Greenville SC (USA)

            2018 –?ONCAP acquires Precision